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My name is Jake Howland, I am a web developer based in Boston, Lincolnshire. I am on the lookout for any freelance web development work, or any website-based consulting, especially pro-bono consulting for local charities. I am currently working for Blinds4Sale and Boston Blinds as a Digital Marketer and Web Developer. My work here involves developing sites using WordPress and Magento, managing these sites and their accompanying social media sites, managing SEO and PPC advertising and doing general design and graphics work.

Since creating my first website back in 2010, I have had a strong interest in web development and have developed a great understanding of many different programming languages and new technologies. My primary programming interests lie within web development, especially the use of WordPress as an efficient, future-proof and easy to use platform for website creation.

My site should hopefully give you an insight into my interests my past work, and generally just who I am. If you wish to contact me to discuss my work, potential employment or just ask me anything, head to the Contact page of the site for details, or click on one of the social media logos on the header of my site.

Here you can read about my skills in web development, as well as other skills and programming languages I have learned throughout school and university.

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Here you will be able to find more personal information about me such as my current interests, hobbies and my educational background.

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Here you will be able see some of my previous work and projects, with links provided to websites I have created both past and present.

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